Step 1: Sing Well

These exercises focus on correct voice placement, and are a gentle start to your vocal warm-up.

Portamento: Sing these phrases with the jaw relaxed and still. Try and keep the volume and resonance consistent.

Hum changing to ‘ahh’: Keep the hum gentle and your voice placement forward in the mouth. Remember to create a buzzing/tickling/vibrating sensation in your nose and mouth area.

Basic vowels: Sing the five basic vowels - ‘ah’ as in ‘father’, ‘eh’ as in ‘net’, ‘ee’ as in ‘meet’, ‘oh’ as in ‘home’, and ‘ooh’ as in ‘blue’.

Yah: Keep your jaw larynx and tongue relaxed, trying to give the ‘ah’ an oval/boiled-egg shape. Do not let the corners of the mouth spread or change shape. You should feel a yawning sensation as you sing, which opens the back of the throat.

Variation: try singing this with your tongue out!